HERE is a HONEST Open LETTER to Governor Alfred Mutua that got Nairobi TALKING

This is in the wake of news that An impeachment motion against Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua scheduled for today may hit a snag. This was after it emerged that a majority of MCAs had been flown to Tanzania ostensibly to deny the debate a quorum. The Standard reliably learnt 31 MCAs allied to Dr Mutua had made a trip to the neighbouring country in anticipation of today’s motion. The notice for the motion was tabled last week by Ndalani MCA Stephen Muthuka. The law requires at least two-thirds majority vote by MCAs to validate the impeachment of a sitting governor. In the case of Machakos, at least 39 MCAs out of the total of 59 must vote to impeach the county chief in today’s motion.

Kalembe Ndile, he of the infamous TIP TIP wheelbarrow and former Member of Parliament, in his book, “My Squatters My Struggles My Dream,” writes that a hail of stones were directed towards him by goons of Kalonzo. A section of the book reads, “I was dazed. I couldn’t imagine that Kalonzo could organize something like that. I was in whirlpool and as police escorted me to my car amongst the din and the commotion I was literally in another world.” At least Governor Dr. Mutua has prepared for this; he invested heavily on police cars, and alot of other resources, including pocketing the tumbocrats in the assembly to fight his stay as a governor. I cannot categorize Kalembe has have been fought Kalonzo as Ukambani Kingpin, because kalembe himself does not know what it is to be a kingpin, he actually doesnt understand what the word means

But why is Alfred Mutua fighting his master Kalonzo Musyoka? because many, including Ngilu, have tried to dethrone Kalonzo as Ukambani Kingpin making their own death bed instead, politically

So here is an open letter to the Governor

Dear Alfred Mutua,

Good morning!

You have miscalculated your political moves and these will lead to your early down fall. Why for all reasons do you want to become a tribal kingpin? Did you you not learn from Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua?

Stop being too ambitious just because people are singing you praise songs for being the most visible and performing governor. Do not invite political duels by showing interests for the only political position left for Kalonzo, Ngilu and the likes of Muthama.

Shift your political base, fight for the governorship and perform like you never did in Machakos and cultivate a national following for yourself before thinking of being your own man politically speaking. The politics you are playing today should be reserved for 2022 when you will weigh whether to be a political party/tribal leader or a team player in a winning political alliance.

Otherwise, you are currently courting a political disaster by challenging Kalonzo and his brigade. They will fight you politically and definitely drain you out of politics.

Seek advice from the likes of Tuju and other super performing politicians who came before you and listened to praise singers and therefore exposed themselves to tribal political wolves.

Yours sincerely,