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12 steps to set and achieve goals.


Life without dreams, is meaningless.According to Brian Tracy, there are steps to success.

1. Have strong desire to achieve.
Desire should be strong enough more than anything else in life.

2. Believe that your goal is achievable.
Believe that you deserve that goal in your heart.
Your determination and persistence increase your level of confidence. Start with small goals because you have to walk before you run.

3. Write your goals down.
Put down your goals each day after another. Keep writing week after week,month after month and year after year.

4. Determine your starting point.
Find out how far you have gone. Be honest to yourself as this helps in setting and achieving.

5. Determine why you want it.
Make list of reasons. The more the reasons, the more intense the desire. Having 50 reasons nothing will stand in your way.

6. Set a dateline
When you find dateline, you find yourself committed. If a goal is big, break into smaller goals and sub dateline of each on daily and  hourly activities.

7. Identify the obstacles in your way.goals
Why are you not achieving your goals?
Apply 80/20 rule. 80%are internal reasons, within you. 20% external factors. Obstacles of not attaining.

Note: Average people blame their failures on their circumstances but superior people instead ask# what is in me that is holding me back?

8. Determine additional knowledge and skills you need.
To achieve something you have never achieved before, you have to do something you have never done before.
You will become someone you have never before.
You have to acquire skills and knowledge.
Ask yourself, “ what one single skill would help me the most to achieve this?

9. Determine people whose help you will need.
If you want to succeed, relationships are everything.

10. Make a plan and put it all together
List the task you will need to complete.
Follow the order, start with most important tasks.

11. Visualize your goal continually. Repeat after achieving one goal.Eventually, your goals becomes a powerful force of motivating and inspiring you day be night.

12. Never give up.
Back everything you do with persistence and determination until you finally reach your goal.
Take the decision that no matter what happens,you will persevere until the end.
If you do so,you will bounce rather than break.

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