Stephen Katua Muthoka

There Exist a ‘Local-thinking’ & an ‘Overseas-thinking’!;-

👉When Someone tells you that his Tribe/race is better than others, That’s a ‘Local-thinking’!
An ‘Overseas-thinking’ is INCLUSIVE✔

👉🏿When Someone tells you that he or she is better placed in terms of Gender than others, That’s an Attention-seeker ‘Local-thinking!’ An ‘Overseas-thinking’ upholds HUMANITY✔


👉🏻When Someone tells you that his Political party is better than another, That’s ‘Local-thinking’! An ‘Overseas-thinking’ demands INDIVIDUALS’ CONTENT OF CHARACTER✔

👉When Someone tells you that his Religion is better than others, That’s ‘Local-thinking’!
An ‘Overseas-thinking’ Demands UNITY, PEACE & LOVE✔

Any Orientation that Divides people OR Intimidates OR Marginalizes is Simply ‘Local-thinking’!
An ‘Overseas-thinking’ Is FREE THINKING & INTELLIGENCE!!!


There Exist 2 Types of Politics;-

‘CONTENT’ Politics & ‘PACKAGE’ Politics.

👉1.) ‘Package’ Politics is Dirty and of The Cheap, Petty-minded becauses it discusses people & events.

👉2.) ‘Content’ Politics is Clean and of The Wise, Substance-minded because it discusses Ideas & Issues That Affect Our Society.

“WE May Have No Right-reason to Challenge The Status-quo If All-what WE Present on the Table Isn’t Any-better; This World Needs Minds which go an Extra-mile Far-much Beyond Expectations, Above the Status-quo, Thinking not just outside the box but Away From The Box and Innovative, Otherwise ‘We’ may cry forever because we just don’t Want To THINK! The Future is never for them that Lack KNOWLEDGE.”

“Whenever You See Idiots Marching, The Bigger Idiot Is Their Commander!”

In a Swam of Bees, There is a Queen, Drones & the Workers.
The Moment Any Drone fertilizes the Queen it Dies!

WE are the Drones
Tribalism is the Queen
Corruption ‘is’ the Workers

We DIE Because of Fertilizing Tribalism Which Gives Birth to Corruption,🤔

We have Quite-a-number of ‘Drones’ In This Very-group, They are Very-busy Day-n-night Fertilizing TRIBALISM Which Gives Birth to Corruption!!!

So Long as You’re busy Fertilizing Tribalism The Next thing is That You-Shall-‘DIE’☠

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