From socialite to White House

Incoming US First Lady Melania Trump. PHOTO: GQ

In an unprecedented move Republican Party nominee Donald J. Trump got elected as the 45th President of the United States on Tuesday, November 9.


The real estate mogul turned politician boasts a string of divorces and quite a number of children, some of whom he has trained to run their companies.

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But today we won’t be talking about his four (I stand corrected) ex-wives but his current wife Melania – remember the one who plagiarised Michele Obama’s speech? She is of particular interest as Tuko notes because she is a former nude Playboy model who also posed for GQ men’s magazine.


Trump’s win has sent shockwaves around the US, sorry, around the entire world.


Now the world has to live with Melania’s not so good past. Well past or not, she is now the First Lady of the world’s most powerful country.


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m4We have dug around the web to bring you what the internet has to offer on her past nudes. We’re not sure why but we’ll still do it anyway.


The internet never forgets. Remember that before you strip for clicks.


But again, it’s high time we now stopped being harsh on the Vera Sidikas and Huddah Monroes of this world. You just never know!