Governors in Kenya are the most corrupt officials, who thrive on bribing journalists and media owners through Barrack Muluka.

Dr. Alfred Mutua, the glorified piece of shit who misguided Machakos residents elected as Governor, is now under scrutiny after the Head of the Machakos People’s Park resigned.

While tendering the resignation, Mesh Musyoki cited the fact that Mutua, the Machawood conman, has blatantly refused to pay suppliers, driving many families into despair.


Mutua thrives on bribing journalists for favourable coverage, and has been battling with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, bribing judges in a bid to evade arrest for corruption charges. Mutua purchased second-hand vehicles against procurement laws, which have all but ceased functioning.

By Cyprian Nyakundi

Sometime in November last year, writer Dikembe Disembe disagreed with Gov. Alfred Mutua’s development strategy. To Dikembe, Mutua was hiding something. The manner in which he was doing things reeked a big lie. In a country of Laws, the speed of doing things is often slow. The reason for this is to ensure the laws are followed. That corruption is limited.

So Dikembe wrote then:

“Maybe, Gov. Mutua should tell us more about this Machavibe. Maybe, he shouldn’t. Who cares? But for posterity, and the fact that Senator Muthama, also a ‘duly elected right-thinking adult’ thinks he should, so we must prod. But remember, this writer has been around for a short-while; just two decades and may not be much compelling in his understanding of these things.

Gov. Mutua is a child of media publicity stunts. He is a product of the zinger, of the political soundbites that heralded this tragicomedy of now. He built the art of government propaganda to the stratosphere. When his predecessor, one Muthui Kariuki took over, it was not long before he was summarily fired (redeployed) and the whole institution that Mutua had taken half a decade building finally shut down. This man, Alfred Mutua, is a media colossus.