Any speech, act or written document gives one much more information about the speaker or writer than it does about the subject thus treated.

In the public speeches of politicians and business people, one learns much more about the values and beliefs of the speakers than one does about the people or issues they speak about.

Ten months from the general elections, much can be deduced about the values of Kamba politicians from what they choose to speak about, and how they choose to speak about those things.

Not only have aspirants been addressing the faithful, but they have also been attempting to sway undecided voters and proselytise those who would usually not even think about voting for them.

One  *Mr M* is not mincing words about the tricks he’s planning to ply in his bid to win Machakos county gubernatorial race.

*Mr M* seems set to bring out inflammatory and incendiary ideas and practices from the fringes into mainstream political arena.

In a recent slip of tongue at a meeting with his strategy team, *Mr M* was quoted saying in his native language ‘aume iyovei Kavyu ukuli, kindu kii twikikuna mbaka na nzevu. Mathangu makwa ala makaprintiwa tayari me kwa Mundu mue na vatiala myai ili nilatye. Meitha mamina myai muonza. Ithangu yu twamina uyamba Mundu akakilasya ayona akili ikavinduka ukethia ninye winite. Tita mwisi uoi nesa’        (Don’t you worry gentlemen, we are going to win this through witchcraft and I can assure you. Rims of papers where I’ll print my campaign posters are ready with a witch doctor. It’s only a matter of months before I pick them. They are supposed to spend 7months with him. Once printed, anybody that stares at my poster shall be spiritually converted to vote for me. Don’t underestimate the power of witchcraft).

The comment was greeted with cheers as he went on to elaborate his game plan and experience with witch doctors in Arusha Tanzania where the EALA is based. This is not the first time the aspirant has spoken about using dark powers in his quest. In a tea date with a friend early in the year, he was quoted saying he would use his powers as a senior wiper official to win nomination and employ the use of muthea/ndumba as it’s commonly known to win votes.

This seems opportunistic and callously disregards the efforts of those who have been loyal to the party.

These provocative tropes to neutralize his political opponents has received a harsh backlash from electorate with majority swearing to teach him a political lesson come next election time.

It is to be remembered that  this man *Mr M* comes from a family that has been in the center of controversy over witchcraft for decades. In the clearest show of discontent, angry villagers stormed his then home kwa mavui casting curses on the family accusing them of perpetration of evil acts that resulted in deaths around the village. The 1998 event drew far and wide attention and local schools quickly conspired not to admit students from the family.

What followed is a tale of suffering and a wave of unexplained diseases on perceived organisers of the oust. The family moved to Matuu town were they pitched tent till a team of negotiators cut a cease fire deal with villagers for the safe return.

*Mr M* has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. In a recent development he has been receiving huge chunks of money from aspirants with a promise to give them party tickets. In one occasion he threatened Machakos county women rep Dr Susan Musyoka demanding cash lest he makes sure she doesn’t get the party ticket in forthcoming general elections.

The wiper party should live up to it’s manifesto by instilling discipline in its party ranks, and commit to a free and fair nomination process.  It’s imperative to avoid the kind of incendiary, deeply misogynistic and potentially deadly con games *Mr M* is playing with ardent followers.

Winning the votes of ordinary people should not come at any cost. With Wiper party leader known for his christian values, his close friend and deputy secretary general *Mr M* making statements so provocative and insinuative of satanic believe is utterly preemptive.

Wiper NEC must rise up from slumber and stamp authority by disavowing or disciplining errant elements. But allowing such figures too much scope, as the party may have learnt in a protracted and messy process with Dr Alfred Mutua can give you cause for regret.
UNMASKING THE MASCOT.  Part 2 (Unsensored) to follow soon, stay tuned

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