One of the women Implicated in the recently unearthed 5b Ksh scandal in Min. of Health happens to be an ex wife to Senator Johnson Muthama

The below article appeared  HERE in 2011 that confirms more about the former wife and their connection

Kenya’s largest ruby mine, Johnson Nduya Muthama together with the kenyatta family own the largest ruby mine in kenya which was corruptly acquired during Jomo kenyatta presidency!

HOW DARE JOHNSON MUTHAMA SPEAK ABOUT FIGHTING CORRUPTION WHEN HIS HANDS ARE DEEP IN IT? HE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FIRST HOW HE & HIS IN-LAW’S ACQUIRED THE RUBY MINES with the Kenyatta family ( he married one of Kenyatta’s daughter Nyokabi and was made a director of a stolen Ruby Mine

A political fall-out between Kenya coalition partners, ODM and PNU parties, appeared in the offing on Thursday as PNU accused their coalition partner of politicising the fight against corruption.

PNU Chief Whip Johnstone Muthama said the fight against corruption would have to go on regardless of the people indicted and dragged to court.

In the wake of the prosecution of ODM chairman Henry Kosgey, a section of MPs from the party on Wednesday accused the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission of targeting Cabinet ministers from the party.

“We want the fight to continue. The matter was discussed in Parliament but nobody came to defend (Kosgey) then,” said Mr Muthama, who is also the MP for Kangundo.

READ: HOW JOHNSTON MUTHAMA’S IN-LAW’S ACQUIRED THE RUBY MINE THAT HAS MADE THEM $$$$$$$$$ up to date.. the Ruby mine belongs to the Kenyan people, president Kenyatta acquired it illegally, meaning he used his position to take it for free without paying a dime!

two American geologists, claimed that they were euchred out of their ownership of what may be the world’s richest ruby mine by some well-connected Kenyans. It all started , when John M. Saul, 37, and his partner Elliot (“Tim”) Miller discovered in Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park a deposit of rubies that was later estimated to be worth millions of $$$$$$$$$$$. Saul and Miller got a fully legal permit to develop their find. Figuring local participation would ease their way, they shrewdly offered 51% of the deal to a group of high-ranking Kenyans, including then Vice President Daniel Arap Moi.

Unfortunately for the two Americans, others got wind of the rich discovery. One of them was Beth Mugo, Kenyatta’s niece another was a wealthy Greek resident of Kenya, George Criticos, a friend of the President’s and Mama Ngi-na’s partner in running the Kenya Trade Development Corp. Saul and Miller charge that Beth Mugo and Criticos encouraged other leading Kenyans, including Mama Ngina, to demand a bigger share of the take. The two Americans agreed to let the Kenyans’ share go up to 72%. Still not satisfied, the Kenyans evidently decided to push the ruby discoverers out of the deal altogether.

Saul was abruptly declared a “prohibited immigrant” and given 2½ hours to leave the country. At first Miller went into hiding to keep the same thing from happening to him; after a month underground he left the country for London. After Saul’s expulsion, Kenyatta, in an apparent reference to the ruby mine, publicly declared that no foreigner should be allowed to exploit Kenya’s resources for his own private benefit. That is, no doubt, a valid general principle. But in this case it seems that the wealth of the mine is intended for private pockets, not the public welfare. There have been allegations that the claims book at the Kenyan Ministry of Natural Resources, in which the two Americans had originally registered their find, has disappeared. In its place, supposedly, is a new claims book listing Criticos’ & Kenyatta family- Johnston Muthama ” DIRECTOR” AS claim to the Tsavo mine.

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