Its joy for a 20-year-old boy after his dream of University Educations at Murang’a University  got a ray of hope. LAWRENCE MUTINDA  from Kikumini village in Masinga constituency had been sent off from the University after lack of school fee. A Whatsapp group for one of the 2017 MP aspirants in the consitituency, LAW MAINGI, resolved to lobby well wishers on social media to chip in for the boy’s school fees and upkeep. Members of the group dubbed ‘Team Law Maingi 2017’  made the move after a local resident covered a sympathetic story of a desperate boy who was unable to be in a lecture hall due to lack of school fees

“Good evening great team LAW✋.I have a moving sad story of young a boy from our area,kikumini, vaaya kalusini tu yaia ulutya and Majority here knows him;This boy attended Makueni Boys Secondary School; he attained a versity grade then admitted as REGULAR student at MURANG,’A UNIVERSITY for Bachelor of BUSINESS PROCUREMENT where he is a second year student:

The sad story he has dropped from university due to lack of fees and upkeep money:His names are LAWRENCE MUTINDA (0792 195 042 );  This is big team of successful elites and businesses people, our kids are in school but this bright neighbor is at home,what can we do to return this boy to university again,,,”  Read the message from the Group’s Chairman, Mr. Benedict Muthama

Members took over and decided to lobby residents and other well wishers outside the group, to contribute towards the cause

The lobbying has been dubbed #RudishaLawrenceShuleNa200/-, members of the group are being urged to contribute just 200/- or more, and the total contributed thus far amounts to over 30,000/-, with a target of 52,000/=

“it’s so impressing. ..good gesture. ..we will meet him here in Nairobi and give him the encouragement to keep going despite the challenges. .let more cash keep coming”, said Lawrence Maingi, 2017 MP aspirant, who gave 10,000/- towards the student’s kitty

“Its a sad situation to have a bright student at home because of lack of fees. He has tried many institutions including HELB but no help has been forthcoming. While its true there are several avenues for him to access funding, the government has not made it any easier to do so, this kids are subjected to soo much agony by the time they access the same, this should be made easier”, he adds

“We may not be having enough Cash now, But Who Said that it’s Wrong to give a Pledge OR a different Idea which can improve this Situation? This act by these members shows that there’s still hope of a better community”, said Stephen Katua Muthoka, alias SKM, who’s the head of the initiative

“I remember during my Varsity days at Egerton, I rided on goverment handouts through HELB. Most students who missed on HELB were helped all through by well wishers, what has changed in today’s community that students have to stay home if they cant afford fees, we need to be our brother’s keeper, today might be this young boy, tomorrow your own child, life is that funny”, Said Mathayo Mbuve, the Initiative’s self appointed Secretary

“It’s really frustrating to watch your colleagues sit for the exams while you are locked out.mark you, if you miss the exams you will have to wait till when next sure God will see Lawrence through”, Said Debbie, one of the group members

The initiative members intents to have enough in the account by Monday, for the poor boy’s fees. If you want to be part of this initiative, kindly call Stephen Muthoka or Mathew Mbuve on 0725155972 AND 0720887492 respectively, and you shall be blessed