In this video, Martin Ngatia, the Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA), has entered the fray and warns Ruto to keep off Mwangi because the DP is allegedly a known murderer. According to Ngatia, Ruto has killed so many Kenyans that the best he could have done now is to leave Mwangi alone. “The Chairman”, as Ngatia is popularly known by his supporters, has warned Ruto that if anything happens to Mwangi, the DP will be held responsible.

Ngatia noted that the DP massacred children and women in Edldoret following the 2007 election theft while he also noted that when Ruto’s case came to at the ICC, the DP killed all witnesses, bribed others while the rest were intimidated into silence, causing the case to collapse.

KRA is scheming to take over power in Kenya in 2022 and Chairman Ngatia has warned that should the Alliance come to power, DP Ruto will be one of the first Kenyans to be arrested, “chained and caged” to be tried for mass murder, political assassinations, theft of public property, theft of tax payers money, land grabbing among other serious crimes the DP has and continues to commit against the Kenyan people.

In this video, Chairman Ngatia says that unlike past regimes of Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta, KRA “is not Jesus Christ” and will never forgive criminals with blood on their hands in case the Alliance comes to power. He urges Kenyans to stop the habit of “forgiving and forgetting” about criminals who should be chained and brought before the law to face justice. Enjoy the video!.

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