So far we have the following as the leading candidates viewing for Masinga MP.
3.HON.ISAAC MUINDE (Mayolity leader)

Political parties on the ground are wiper, CCUY and TPT.

is smart player, born politician,well educated,streetwise, very eloquent…the MP we never had.How he lost in 2013 riding on wiper popularity baffles both friends and foes. He disappointed both wiper and his supported. From look of things wiper is not keen on giving him another chance….wiper is leaving nothing to chance in 2017.
His opponents have succeeded in their propaganda to paint him black and he has to look for a white wash.
My opinion;
Now that you have your own party on the ground, the better.
If i where you i would relocate to Nrb and try party politics. I would convince wiper and ODM to conduct a joint nomination in Makadara and get the certificate……Think very fast.

PETER KAVEVA,,,Team shoot to kill

A political greenhorn, shrewd, eloquent, young, very vocal and vibrant but very emotional. He is banking on youth vote which is unreliable….they don’t take votes and the few who have votes mostly vote in the diaspora . He is yet to make inroads and get known, the only ones being in social media where he’s riding on the #ShootToKill line
My opinion;
if you can humble yourself and get wiper ticket to sort it out with hon.mwonga in masinga central MCA, find votes in Mukusu, kyangosi, katothya, kituneni and katulye……you can push mwonga to run for his money. You have to work on your emotions and learn a lesson or two on handling criticism.
Your political style can also fit in city politics……..tafakari hayo.


Chairman finance committee machakos county assembly, elected majority leader for one week before Central MCA was appointed back .  Formerly a chap chap point man. He is a smart player very eloquent but not so well educated according to his residents, but his closeness to chap chap might do him a big blow; wiper is looking for loyalty above other qualifications. His candidature is being complicated by sharing a common constituent base with the incumbent who has further spoiled for him as the chap chap point man.
My opinion.
Just do us a favour, defend your current MCA position.

A third term mp. soft spoken yet very caning with a very strong and reliable ground network. Financially able with all the advantages except party support. Having decamped to JAP a fortnight ago, many see his support as having been dealt a huge blow, considering the fact that the constituency is a Wiper stronghold.
He proved his popularity by fighting the wiper party wave to get re elected in 2013. He may not seek wiper nomination due to his questionable loyalty. he has cunningly used the CDF kit to buy loyal support across the sub county and it may require a miracle to beat him – he is the strongest candidate of all.
My opinion.
run with JAP maintain your base and you mighty clinch 2nd spot

A political greenhorn,strong christian….morally upright, well educated,a strong wiper supporter and seen by wiper leadership as very loyal. wiper is weighing its options between him and Isaac who to work with. He is the man to watch if wiper chooses him. He is the venom and his candidature has made matters worse for both itwiku and kekee. coming from kikumini he can easily sweep kivaa and kithyoko votes.
his entry in the race is the game changer and without any fear of contradiction, Law is most placed to be the mext masinga mp.
My opinion,
work closely with wiper and ensure you get the cert. assemble your campaign team and hit the ground, you will be the next MP, you have many advantages.

#Copied, source unknown