An MCA Aspirant in Kivaa Ward, Machakos County, Engineer Justus Kiteng’u (Morreh) has teamed up with a local  NGO to provide free Cancer Diagnosis to the residents

This information appeared in his official Facebook page

“We have a situation in our hands! An issue that needs to get solved. A common illness that searches for a cure. This disease condition as it affects people and animals of all ages. Just this past year, over 13 percent of all deaths in Kivaa ward were the result of this disease. This is very sad for our ward. While Kivaa ward looses, Machakos County looses more, and Kenya at large looses the most.

This dreadful disease condition is called cancer. This illness occurs when healthy, regular cells transform into cancer cells. Cancer cells form when single cells get infected, then multiply in an abnormal way. These cells are very hard to get rid of because they lack the ability to self-destruct, but some treatments are available.

Surgery is one option; surgery is when the doctor is cutting into the body and removing the cancer, along with some body tissue to make sure that anything with this disease has been removed. Other treatments are hormone and radiation therapy.

Hormone therapy is when a drug is injected or taken orally by the patient. This therapy will stop the production of cancer and will start to produce healthy regular cells.

Radiation therapy is when a special machine is used that contains high energy rays; this machine is focused to where the main source of cancer is. This treatment will destroy the abnormal cells.

These treatments help limit the spread of cancer cells but there are always going to be side effects like constipation, nausea, delirium, sleeping disorders hair loss, body weakness, and vomiting. Not all patients have the same experiences; it depends on how serious the cancer is and the physical condition of the patient. Some people go through a lot of treatments and still will not survive and others will successfully recover.

This means Kivaa ward stakeholders need to do one important thing; which is to facilitate prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment. Yes, we must do this together to compact this menace that is very present in our ward and beyond. It all starts with you and me.

There are many causes of cancer such as poor diet, smoking, alcohol and genetic factors. When it’s genetic it means that other people in your family have cancer or have genetic factors that make them more vulnerable. It doesn’t technically mean that when a person in your family has this illness that you’re going to get it. This is why your family history comes in handy because it can help you plan, prepare and prevent this disease if possible. Preventing it may sound difficult but to reduce the chance of cancer, all you have to do is stay healthy through diet, exercise and early detection. When it comes to cancer the best thing to know is its early signs. Fellow Kivaa ward stakeholders, this will increase your chance of surviving.

Detecting cancer’s early signs is important. Examples of early signs are weight loss, seeing a lot of blood from a given part of the body, burning pain with the body, skin changing, chest and throat problems and indigestion. Also experiencing lack of appetite, fevers or difficulty breathing are the most common signs to look for.

Cancer is a very common disease. Over 153 000 types of cancer have been discovered like breast, prostate, bone, ovarian, brain cancer and many more. However, there are the main common types which are: prostate cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancers.

Being diagnosed with cancer is the worst scenario you could possibly imagine but the survivors have learned a valuable lesson of life. They continued to live and some do volunteer their time to help current cancer patients, striving to battle this disease. This is my action point as your next MCA. I JUSTUS KITENG’U aka(Morreh) have initiated my struggle to fight cancer in Kivaa and beyond. I am organizing a free cancer screening and diagnosis fair to take place early next year. Through a collaboration with a group of cancer survivors and LiveStrong (a Non-Governmental organization), as well as the inputs of Kilele Foundation Kenya, we are going to have you get screened at a subsidized fee. In addition, we are sponsoring free tests during the affair. During this very important health day, you will receive free education on cancer and your healthy. I do believe that the “more informed you are, the better”.

Nevertheless, we need to prevent cancer first before any fair happens. Fellow Kivaa’ns, let us Eat healthy foods, have the right diet, avoid smoking, stay away from harmful chemicals, and eat high fibre foods. Do you recall in the Bible that Noah and Abraham lived for very many years? Our grandparents here in Kivaa ward are living more years. The other day, I visited an old lady in Kivaa ward (Nthanze) aged over 100 years. She is this old because of Mwee, Muvya, and other non-refined foods that were the staple foods during her active years. Fellow Kivaa’ns, visit the cereal stores in town and at home, buy millet, sorghum, whole maize meals, and you will never regret. They are part of healthy eating. They not only help you prevent cancer but also other non-communicable diseases such as high blood presssure, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

These are some simple and yet very important steps towards prevention of cancer. Remember “an ounce of prevention is quart of a cure”.

While we prevent, let us detect early, and treat very early in the staging of cancer. Actually, before stage 3, cancer is manageable. We all can do it together through”

Here at @Masakunews wishes Mr. Kiteng’u all the best in his good plans for his people