Residents of Masinga Constituency in Machakos County took to the streets on 10th September to protest the poor state of the Kaewa-Masinga Dam road. The residents claim that the road, which links to Masinga Dam, has been neglected by the county government.

However, they also blame electricity generation company KenGen for failure to ensure the 12-kilometer road leading to the country’s largest reservoir for hydro-electric power generation is motorable and called for urgent measures to fix the mess.

The residents, through a local political lobby group, Youth Power Movement, threatened they would hold peaceful demonstrations after every two weeks to compel the county government authorities and KenGen to ensure the road was motorable.

“It is sad that the main road leading to such a key installation has been neglected. We are demanding that immediate measures be taken to address the state of this road,” Youth Power Movement convener Lemi Muia said.

An aspirant for the Masinga parliamentary seat, Mr Law Maingi, said the poor state of the road had negatively impacted the region’s tourism and agricultural potential. “This is the same road tourists pass through as they head to Masinga Dam, but its current state has shut out many of them from accessing the facility,” said Maingi.

The two leaders said they have had a series of meetings with the Managing Directors at KenGen and other stakeholders to discuss this issue but have seen no action. They vowed to increase pressure on all authorities that can ensure the repair of the road.

Mr Maingi said the county government should move with speed and ensure the situation is rectified to avoid further loss of economic opportunities for the locals.


A section of Masinga residents led by Youth Power Movement leaders address the media at Kaewa where they demanded immediate re-carpeting of the road leading to Masinga Dam.