An MCA aspirant in Kivaa ward, Machakos County talked to this Author about his plans for the Education Sector for his people.

“Education is an essential tool for bright future for all of us and we can achieve anything good by using the tool of education” Said Mr. Kiteng’u,

My approach on education in kivaa ward is to mobilize resourses and ensure every child in Kivaa goes to school and gets proper education.I believe in helping others go to school as you know most of us were financed by our relatives,if not for brothers, sisters, aunties,uncles or well wishers non of us could have made it.
In order to transform Kivaa Ward education each of us need to consider going an extra mile to ensure our children gets proper education.Said the Engineer
Let’s assist a child not related to you as the same thing you are doing your duty of helping your brother,sister or cousin.
Not only financial support but also our high school,college and university students should serve as role models to encourage children to attend school
One of my goal is to ensure every homestead in Kivaa a child is supported till tertiary level.
I will make sure we all join hands together and do what we can to ensure every child in Kivaa go to school.
Not forgeting improving mere factuals :-

1.child high level discipline to the teacher/parents,

2.Good Child/teacher /parent relationship .

3. Child Healthy caining / body language, the way we talk our children becomes their inner voice.

4. Improving schools infrastructure and it’s environmental comfort. etc.
May God bless people of Kivaa Ward abundantly

The aspirant was talking through phone from Mombasa were he was attending an