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Top 4 handsome, prosperous men in Ukambani

Kelvin who is popularly known as Bahati.[/]
Kamba community is a community with not only peaceful men but also very handsome and prosperous.

Here’s  a list of top handsome and prosperous men in Kamba community.

1. Kelvin Kioko

Kelvin who is popularly known as Bahati is a gospel artist and has come a long way in the music industry. Bahati whom every woman would wish to be married to is a talented artist who has touched and won the hearts of many through his music and he is among the richest gospel artists in Kenya.

2. Alfred Mutua

Alfred Mutua who is the current Machakos Governer is a man who is not only handsome but also richer. Governor Alfred Mutua through his brains and hard work in his life has managed to put his life at a different angle of prosperity.

3. Steven Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kalonzo is a man who will always leave a question mark to people concerning his look despite his age factor. Despite his look, Kalonzo is a prominent man as he is rich and regarded to be among the top richest Kamba people.

4. Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, is well known for his style of expensive dressing code which makes him look handsome. Besides his look, he is regarded to be amongst the richest people who has made it in life in Ukambani. He owns a big mansion where he lives with his family, owns many expensive cars and many businesses.


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