Machakos Women Representative Dr Susan Musyoka at a past media briefing. Machakos Women Representative Dr Susan Musyoka at a past media briefing.Courtesy of the

The unity of the Akamba people is at stake if leaders continue with pointing fingers due to their differences in ideology and opinions. This has become a concern since they are expected to be united as the general election approaches. This has made Machakos Women Representative Dr Susan Musyoka to appeal to politicians in the Ukambani region to exercise political tolerance ahead of the 2017 general elections.

She said that the intolerance being exercised by some of the political leaders is bad for the people. She also added that the intolerance if not stopped will create divisions among the people and might cause chaos in future. “As much as politicians have divergent views and ideologies they must learn to exercise tolerance and also humility,” she said on Wednesday.

Dr Musyoka said that the interests of the people should be given priority and not personal interest and political ambitions. Political leaders should be the ones to unite the people and not divide them. She said acts of resentments among leaders on political grounds would slow down realization of development in the community. The Machakos women representative also urged the Kamba people to remain united and not be divided by politicians.

This comes a day after the Machakos county senator Johnstone Muthama and governor Mutua clashed after Muthama declined Mutua invitation to address the people of Kalama during his uncle`s funeral but later accepted the same invitation from Dr. Suzan Musyoka.